Alumni Association (Headquarters)

The mission of the University Alumni Association (Head Quarter) is to create an environment in which University alumni, former students, parents, students and friends become and stay connected to the University and support it with their work, wisdom and wealth.  The reputation of any educational institution depends upon good results, co-curricular activities, environment and investments. The support and encouragement, which brings strength and expansion to the institution's reputation is the alumni’s of the Alma Mater. By Alumni Association students feel obliged and honored to return the favors and successes as well as the Alma Mater also get benefit and grow enormously in terms of both academics and administration at national and international level.


The Alumni Association is a leading voice in sharing with alumni the University’s vision and the accomplishments of the students, faculty, and staff of the University. The Alumni Association also celebrates the accomplishments of alumni, both great and small, as the backbone of what makes our University great.

The Alumni Association is an active participant with the Various Chapters of Alumni Association, as it engages alumni through programs on and off campus that expand and strengthen the connections between them and our Alma Mater. This engagement will come through educational programs (working with students and faculty), cultural programs and other activities. Through increased use of technology, alumni is connected with and informed of the University’s programs and activities and enabled to connect with and network with one another, individually and through alumni clubs.

A.Objectives of alumni association is as follows
i) To do all such things as may be incidental and necessary or conducive to the attainment of the basics objects of the alma matter i.e Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & sciences.
ii) To encourage the alumni to take an active and constant interest in the work of their alma matter by taking part in such activities that may further its cause.
iii) To keep the alumni abreast of the activities and developments of their alma matter.
iv) To further the cause of love and affection among the alumni family.
v) To prepare and keep in order an authentic record, as far as possible, of old students with thier careers, addresses and any other matters relating to them that may be of interest.
vi) To arrange from time to time at Allahabad or other places outside lectures, seminars, conferences to keep alive and contribute towards the objects of the alma matter.
vii) As an association to come together and support /contribute towards the future development of the alma matter in every possible way.
viii) To do all such acts and things as may be necessary or desirable to further the objects of the Association.

B. Interpretation of the objects
The objects of the association as set forth above will be interpreted and restricted to mean such objects and purposes are valid by law.

Founder's Day Alumni Meet on 27th October, 2011
A grand Founder’s day celebration was held on 27th October, 2011 at the University Auditorium. The function began with a prayer by Prof. (Dr.) P.J. George followed by religious song sung by YeshuDarbar Mandali.

Prof. (Dr.) A.K.A. Lawrence, elucidated a brief history of the founder Dr. Sam Higginbottom, who tirelessly worked and visualized that Agriculture will continue to be one of the main stay of growth of the nation, and to carry this forward, there will be a need of the scientists, researcher and teaching professional in the field of agriculture and therefore this Institution was established 100 years ago in the year 1910. Prof. (Dr.) S.B. Lal, President, was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Prof. (Dr.) S.B. Lal highlighted that Dr. Sam Higginbottom came to India as Missionary educated as Economist but recognized that Indian Economy will develop only if Agriculture developed. He went back to USA to take degree in Agriculture and returned to India. He put his vision into practice and established the great Allahabad Agriculture Institute with a very humble beginning. The Prof. (Dr.) S.B. Lal, further added how the current Vice Chancellor promoted the institute to yet greater heights and blessed by the Lord, Prof. R.B. Lal was successful to make it a University and renamed the Allahabad Agriculture Institute –Deemed University as Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture Technology & Sciences.

The benediction given by Rev. V.K. Singh.A grand assembly of Alumni of Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Allahabad was held on 27th October, 2011 at the University Auditorium at 11.30 a.m. It was a grand occasion, where a large number of Alumni from India and abroad attended the Alumni meeting. Rev. Richmond started with a prayer of thanks giving ,Prof. (Dr.) S.B. Lal, who is also the Alumni and the President of the Executive Committee, welcomed the Alumni and other guests and spoke at length about the Institute which had shaped our future and now when we are settled in life, we owe to the Institute and it is time to repay to the institute. The Institute has now grown to be the University and this has been the result of hard work, perseverance and vision of another alumni Prof. (Dr.) R.B. Lal who is currently the Vice Chancellor. He has uplifted the institute to the high standard of teaching, research and extension activities. On this occasion, 14 distinguished Alumni, who had brought honor to the Institute, while serving at different places in various capacities, were honored by giving them a memento. The Alumni were Prof. (Dr.) A.C. Broadway (1947), Dr. Gauri Shankar (1953), Prof. V.K. Mittal (1955), Mr. Radhey Ram (1963), Prof. R.S. Kushwaha (1958), Prof. N.N. Sirothia (1964), Prof. P. William (1965), Prof. A.K.Gupta (1969), Prof. Jagdish Prasad (1978), Prof. Mohd. Kaleem (1969), Mr. Ivan Lamech (1975), Mr. M.P.S. Puri (1975), Mr. V.K. Soni (1975), Prof. (Dr.) A.K.A. Lawrence (1982).

Er. C.J. Wesley, Joint Secretary, read the Secretary’s report while Prof. (Dr.) Gautam Ghosh, Treasurer, gave the financial report. The amendment were duly accepted by the house in the Annual General Body Meeting. The vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. (Dr.) A.A. Broadway, Vice President, Alumni Association & Director Research who conducted the function with clever conception, facetious expression and eloquently. A Sumptuous lunch was provided jointly sponsored by the Alumni Association and Prof. (Dr.) Mohd. Kaleem, an alumni of the year 1969.

Glimpses of the Alumni Meet