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School Council
(i) Duties and Powers of College/School Council:
1. Matters related to teaching, research and extension work referred by the Head of a concerned department shall be taken-up for appropriate action/disposal. The resolutions taken shall be forwarded to the Faculty Board, Academic Council and Executive Council for final approval.
2. Maintain discipline amongst staff, employees and students of various departments.
3. Maintenance of proper record of all proceedings of the Council meetings.
4. The Chairman shall have the power to suspend or prevent a member from continuing to attend the meeting if situation so demands. However, such cases shall be reported in writing to the higher authority.

(ii) Membership:
1. There shall be a College/School Council in each College/School of the Faculty. Dean of the College/School concerned shall be Chairman of the College/School Council.
2. In the absence of College/School Dean, the senior most teacher in the college/school shall act as Chairman.
3. The College/School Council shall consist of the following members:
  a) All Heads of Departments of the College/School
  b) All Professors of the College/School (including Professor Emeritus/Scientist Emeritus)
  c) All Associate Professors of the College/School
  d) Two Senior most Assistant Professors of the College/School
  e) Principal Investigators of research projects of the College/School.