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Faculty of Management, Humanities and Social Sciences
Management, Humanities and Social Sciences are the soul of any university as they promote the application of rational thinking to assessing and facilitating the over-all growth of individuals, their environment and of society at large. The faculties of management, humanities, social sciences, education and mass communication are committed to creating the next generation of educators, academicians and practitioners who would be trailblazers in their respective fields and would contribute in creating a culture that affirms humanitarian values and sustain supreme human ideals. Education is undoubtedly the path to a better and more productive life and plays a most significant role in building a stronger democracy and, hence, the nation. The faculty keenly and committedly supports the vision of the university of feeding the hungry and serving the land. Under the faculty, efforts are being made to enable anthropologists to work among agriculturists; Women's education is given special attention so that the educational requirements of women students are comprehensively met. To ensure academic excellence on the campus and beyond, library sciences are given utmost priority. Department of psychology serves the important need of understanding human behaviour and how to inculcate an attitude and mindset for succeeding in all aspects of life. Department of English and Foreign Languages goes beyond merely addressing the communication component of the university students. By offering masters and Ph.D. degrees in English literature it engages with the global intellectual traditions. Media studies continue to strive for excellence, and uplift of individuals and the society