Directorate of Development
Director Development reports to the Vice-Chancellor in all the matters relating to the Directorate. He is responsible to represent SHUATS and participates at State & Central level committees. Meeting, conferences and gosthies with the prior approval of the Vice Chancellor are organized by the Directorate in co-ordination with different directorates / departments of the University. He convenes the meeting of concerned Scientists/Officers with prior approval of Vice- Chancellor. Director Development also work as liasion link between University, State Government & Central Government / Institutions. He is responsible to prepare draft plan for further development of the University in the areas of teaching, research, extension.  

Directorate of Development was established on 8th January 2007 and undersigned was entrusted with the day to day responsibilities under the guidance of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor. After completing 9 years of its establishment, Directorate is working on a vision for overall development of the University.

Some recent initiatives in the projects :
Sl. Name of project Directorate’s initiative Status
1 National Mission on Agricultural Extension and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of India Directorate initiated to submit a proposal of two seed godowns, processing plants to Ministry of Agri, Govt of India. Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of India has sanctioned Rs. 278.15 lakh as follows:
Seed Godown at SHUATS – Rs. 98.00 lakh
Seed Godown at Raebareli- Rs.98.00 lakh
Processing plant at Raebareli- Rs. 43.00 lakh
Raw seed godown at Raebareli- 36.15 lakh  
2 (A) Seed Village Scheme,
Ministry of Agriculture,
Govt of India
(50:50 State and Central Govt share)
A proposal worth Rs. 1.012 crore under Seed Village Scheme was sent to Dy Commissioner (Seed), Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of India, New Delhi.
  • The Central Govt share of Rs. 48.92 lakh has been received.
  • State Govt has been approached to release Rs. 48.92 lakh.
(B) Seed Village Scheme,
Ministry of Agriculture,
Govt of India (50:50 State and Central Govt share)
Directorate initiated to revalidate the unspent balance of 2013-14 under Seed Village Scheme 
  • Ministry sanctioned the revalidation proposal worth Rs. 111.048 lakh under the scheme in 2014-15.  
3 Strengthening of Agricultural Education (2016-17)
ICAR, New Delhi
Director Development submitted a demand of Rs. 33.56 croresunder "Strengthening & Development of Agriculture Education" for the year 2016-17.
  • Council considered our demand and sanctioned may be received by June 2016
Strengthening of Agricultural Education (2015-16)
ICAR, New Delhi
Director Development submitted a demand of Rs. 960.00 lakhs under "Strengthening & Development of Agriculture Education" for the year 2015-16.
  • ICAR has sanctioned Rs. 414.20 lakh, the amount has been received by the University.
3 Strengthening of Library
ICAR, New Delhi
Directorate submitted progress report under Strengthening of Library grant along with demand of Rs. 180.00 lakh to ICAR
  • Directorate is in touch with the Council for sanction of grant.
4 RAWE (2015-16)
ICAR, New Delhi
A demand under Rural Awareness Work Experience Programme programme was submitted to Council.
  • With the initiation of Director Development, ICAR has released the grant of Rs. 09.45 lakhs
5 NTS (2014-15)
ICAR, New Delhi
A demand of Rs. 10.00 lakh under NTS was submitted to Council.
  • University received Rs. 4.92 lakh in 2014-15.
6 Fellowship for JRF
ICAR, New Delhi
Directorate initiated to submit a demand of Rs. 3.80 lakh for distribution of fellowship to JRF
  • University received Rs. 3.80 lakh under the grant.
7 Nutri Farm Scheme
RKVY, Govt of U.P.
Directorate initiated to submit a proposal of Nutri Farm Yojana to Govt of U.P.
  • Govt of UP released Rs 122.77 lakh under Nutri Farm Yojana sub-scheme of RKVY for the year 2014-15.
8 Seed Storage Godown
RKVY, Govt of U.P.
Directorate submitted a proposal under Seed Village Scheme to Govt of U.P.
  • A grant of Rs. 70.00 lakh has been sanctioned to this University for the year 2014-15.
9 Projects under
RKVY, Govt of U.P.
Directorate submitted three revised proposals worth Rs. 20.44 crores to UP Govt under RKVY scheme
  • Govt considered our projects positively, grant may be received in 2016.

Some initiatives in land purchasing Director Development as Chairman of Land Purchasing Committee initiated to purchase of following land :
Sl. No. District Village (Hectare) Date of registry
1 Allahabad Deori, Meja 3.965 25-08-2015
2 Raebareli Lodhwari 2.566 14-05-2015
3 Raebareli Lodhwari 3.5830 29-10-2015
4 Raebareli Lodhwari 0.2592 29-10-2015
    TOTAL 10.3732  

In the following districts land has been identified, to be purchased by the University.
1) Raebareli
2) Varanasi
3) Pratapgarh
4) Kauhambi

  • Director is facilitating to open 500 urban & rural schools under the Rural Education Council (REC) of SHUATS. Various location have been identified in Allahabad, Kaushambi, Fatehpur, Mirzapur, Pratapgarh, Varanasi, Sultanpur, Jaunpur, Ghazipur districts.
  • Some other important works assigned by Management 1. University Planning, Monitoring & Developmental Board (UPMDB)
  • UPMDB committee which has been formed under the chairmanship of Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, reviewed different project works, utilization of ICAR and other grants, teaching works etc.
  • The undersigned as Secretary, UPMDB facilitated in distributing ICAR grants among the School / College / Departments of the University.
  • A sub-committee of UPMDB has also been constituted under the chairmanship of Pro Vice Chancellor (Administration). Being the Member Secretary of the committee, undersigned is facilitating a number of activities for the development of University.

  • 2. Vision Committee
  • Director Development as Member Secretary of Vision Committee facilitated to submit a number of developmental projects and establishment of different units in the University.
  • Director Development is facilitating for commercialization of technologies with Agrinnovate India Ltd, an enterprise of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Govt of India, New Delhi.

  • 3. Estate Division
    Beside above, Director Development as Chairman Estate Division discharged following responsibilities given by the competent authority.
  • Liaisoning with Revenue Officials / Officers and other concerned for different activities related to land and our property.
  • Facilitation in all the construction work in campus and out side University as Chairman Estate Division.
  • Liaisoning with ADA for various issues related to SHUATS.