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Leave Rule
The leave rules as prescribed by SHUATS Shall be applicable to all the staff members and employees of SHUATS.

Right to Leave:
Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right and when the services of an individual are required by the university the demand for leave of any description may be refused or the staff/employee may be compulsorily recalled from leave by the sanctioning authority.

Earning of Leave:
Leave shall be earned through period spent on duty.

Commencement and Termination of Leave:
Leave ordinarily begins from the date on which leave as such is actually availed of, and ends on the day preceding on which duty is resumed. If duties are relinquished or resumed in the afternoon the leave shall commence or end respectively on the following days.
Weekends or other Gazetted holidays of the university may be prefixed as well as suffixed to leave.
Weekends or other Gazetted holidays of the university falling after the commencement of leave shall be inclusive and be counted as leave.
(Example–I: If leave is availed for ten days, then the weekends/holidays falling within this period shall be inclusive.
Example–II: If leave is availed for 5 days beginning Monday, then the weekends shall not be counted as leave provided the staff reports on the immediate first working day)
Leave must be availed only after sanction except in case of emergencies. Staff and employees are required to inform Department Heads for their outstation movement and contact address during leave period and holidays.

On behalf of SHUATS, the power of granting the leave to the Directors/Officers/Registrar/Pro-V.C.’s of the University will rest with the Vice Chancellor. However, the following mechanism shall work in sanctioning of the leave.

Faculty Dean:
They shall sanction Leave as permitted under these rules to staff within the Faculty.

School Dean:
They shall sanction the casual leave to all the staff including HoDs of the Department.
They shall also recommend the earned leave up to 15 days to their staff including HoDs of the Department to the Faculty Dean.
They will have limited power to sanction duty leave up to 15 days in an academic year (not in one time).
They shall also sanction compensatory leave.
All leave application should preferably be routed through HoDs.

Casual leave up to 3 days (maximum) and earned leave only up to 5 days (minimum) can be granted by the HoDs for the staff/employees working under them. Record of all Earned Leave shall be maintained in the office of the Faculty Dean.

Registrar and All Directors:
Registrar will sanction the casual and earned leave to the supporting staff but the casual leave more than 3 days to the officers working in Registrar office shall be sanctioned by the Vice Chancellor. He can also sanction earned leave to the officers of his department up to 15 days but in consultation with the Vice Chancellor.
Directors will sanction casual leave to the supporting officers/staff of their Directorate.
Earned leave can be sanctioned by them up to 15 days.

Vice Chancellor:
The Vice Chancellor reserves the power to sanction all kinds of leave to the Authorities, Officers and staff of the University.
Earned leave beyond a period of 15 days shall necessarily be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for sanction.
Medical leave, Maternity leave, Paternity leave, Extraordinary leave, Special leave and Study leave shall be granted subject to the approval of the Vice Chancellor only. Leave shall be of the following categories:-

  • Casual leave
  • Earned leave
  • Medical leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Paternity leave
  • Extraordinary leave
  • Duty leave
  • Special leave
  • Study leave
  • Half-average pay leave
  • Compensatory leave

Casual Leave:
Casual leave shall be on full pay for not more than 7 days in a month or 14 days in a (Academic) calendar year. It may be combined with holidays. This leave cannot be carried over to the next (Academic) calendar year. The Maximum Casual Leave availed in continuation shall be 3 days. CL, however, can neither be prefixed nor suffixed with holidays. Gazette Holidays and Weekends falling within the period of Casual Leave shall not be counted as Leave provided the staff reports on duty on the first university working day (Explanation-1) Saturday and Sunday being weekend days the said period shall not be counted if the staff reports on duty on Monday.
Staff members who are appointed on contract/adhoc basis shall be entitled only for casual leave according to the proportionate service. It will be one day for every month completed service and the maximum of two days casual leave can be availed at a time. They will not be entitled for any other leave except for the university holidays applicable as per university rules. However, after completing two years of service without any break, such adhoc staff/employee shall be entitled for other kinds of leave like other regular appointees in their categories. Medical/ Maternity /Paternity leave are applicable to all teachers/Staff/Employees irrespective of the tenure of service.

Earned Leave:
Staff of the University shall earn leave on full pay in respect of period spent on duty and the Earned Leave admissible to such staff shall be one eleventh of the period spent on duty, provided that when the total of his/her earned leave amounts to one hundred and eighty days he/she shall cease to earn such leave.
i) Earned Leave cannot be combined with any other Leave.
ii) Earned Leave begins on the day on which the staff relinquishes his/her duties and ends on the day preceding the date on which he/she resumes them. All Sundays and University Holidays falling after the first day of commencement of leave (but not immediately preceding the date of joining) shall be counted as leave and be inclusive of the Leave period. In other words holidays falling in between shall be counted as EL. Provided further that the maximum period of earned leave that may be granted at a time shall not be more than 120 days; if he/she has accumulated 180 days of earned leave.
iii) Earned Leave of 31 days can be availed in a calendar year. However, no staff can avail more than 15 days Earned Leave at any given time unless the same is sanctioned by the Vice Chancellor under special circumstances. Earned leave should preferably be taken during semester/annual break on recommendation of HoDs and Deans. iv) Only a Maximum of 50% of Earned Leave can be accumulated in a year.

Medical Leave:
Leave on a medical certificate for staff of the University may be granted not exceeding 12 months in all during his/her entire service. The Leave on medical certificate together with earned leave, if any, shall not exceed eight months at a time. Medical leave shall be given on production of a certificate from such medical authority as the Vice Chancellor may, by general or special order, specify in this behalf and for a period not exceeding that recommended by such medical authority. Medical leave exceeding 30 days in an Academic year shall require approval of the Board of Management (BoM).
Leave on medical certificate will be admissible to a staff/employee subject to a condition that no leave may be granted under this provision unless the authorities competent to sanction leave is satisfied that there is a reasonable probability that the University staff will be fit to return to duty on the expiry of the leave applied for. In case of any doubt the Vice Chancellor may seek the opinion of the Medical Board as approved by him before sanctioning the medical leave exceeding 10 days in case of teacher/staff/ employee. The teacher/staff/employee shall necessarily produce a fitness certificate on the date of joining.

Maternity Leave:
The female staff shall be entitled to 180 days Maternity leave at the time of delivery of child subject to changes made by Board of Management (BoM). This will be in addition to all leave available. In case of miscarriage/abortion, the medical leave up to 4 weeks may be granted.

Paternity Leave:
A male staff/employee shall be granted Paternity leave for a period of 15 days which he can avail within one month following delivery. Such leave shall not be debited against the leave account.

Extraordinary Leave:
Extraordinary Leave shall be without pay. It may be granted for such reasons as the Board of Management (BoM) may deem fit. (For a period not exceeding 3 years initially but may be extended for a period not exceeding 2 years under special circumstances).
i) An employee cannot hold confirm posts at two places, i.e. if a teacher avails extraordinary leave for joining a new job in any other organization/Govt./University; then he/she may be allowed to avail Extraordinary leave up to the time of his/her confirmation and then the leave terminates.
ii) An Employee who holds a permanent post or who being permanent on a lower post has been officiating on a higher post for more than 3 years, shall subject to the concurrence of the BoM (if on Govt. payroll), be entitled to count the period of extraordinary leave sanctioned for under taking higher scientific and technical studies towards his/her increment in the time scale.
iii) Staff/Employee shall not be given increment in his/her pay scale for the period of extraordinary leave when he/she join the university after the leave, unless they produce evidence of professional gains/experience.
iv) The period of extraordinary leave shall be counted for the purpose of the pension and retirement benefits only.
v) The period of the extraordinary leave may not be counted for the personal promotion unless he/she has been working in the same or related fields.

Duty Leave:
Duty leave up to 15 days shall be on full pay for attending meeting of any of the University bodies, seminars/conferences/selection committees for which a staff/employee may have been nominated/deputed on behalf of the University.
Duty leave will also include leave for conducting examinations of any University only deputed by SHUATS.
Under special circumstances, number of days may be increased after obtaining approval of the Vice Chancellor eg. Summer/Winter Schools.
Duty Leave shall also be granted for performing any other duty of the university. However, staff/employee sent by university authorities for performing special task (outstation) shall be considered on duty and not on duty leave.

Special Leave / Deputation: i) The Senate/Board of Management (BoM) may, in special cases decide to send any of its officials/academic staff for special task abroad or to any place in India on such terms and conditions as it considers fit.
ii) The Senate may grant Special Leave to any official or staff of the University for administrative reason under special circumstances.
iii) The Board of Management (BoM)/Vice Chancellor may consider special leave of any nature on merit for any staff.

Notwithstanding anything contained in this rules
i. (a). An employee of the university who is elected, nominated to Parliament or the state Legislature, shall not be required to resign or to take leave from the university for the duration of his/her membership or, except as provided by rules i(a) for attending the meetings of any house or committee thereof.
ii. (b). The Board of Management (BoM) shall fix a minimum number of days during which such employee shall be available in the University for his/her duties.
Provided that where an employee of the University is not so available because of the sessions of parliament or the state Assembly/Legislative Council, he/she shall be treated on duty.
iii. An employee of the university who is Member of Parliament or State Assembly/Legislative Council may, throughout the term of his/her membership hold any administrative or remunerative office in the University provided that such employee shall draw Honorarium/Salary/Remuneration either from the University or from the Parliament/State Legislature. Further, such Employee shall be considered to be on duty whenever he/she has to attend sessions of Parliament or the State Assembly/Legislative Council or is on Deputation. For the purpose of allowances arising out of the travelling of such employee, any such allowance shall not be admissible from the university.
Explanation—The membership of any authority or body of the University shall not be deemed to be an administrative or remunerative office for the purpose of these rules.

Study Leave:
The study leave shall be governed as per the provisions given in the Regulations for Pursuing Higher Education of In- service candidates of SHUATS.
The study leave may be granted up to 5 years at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor/Board of Management (BoM). Further, Extension of study leave/post-doctoral research leave may be granted under the provision of extraordinary leave by the Vice Chancellor/Board of Management (BoM).
Study leave can be allowed not more than once throughout the service period unless otherwise allowed as special case by the Vice Chancellor/Board of Management (BoM).

Half Average Pay Leave: Under extraordinary circumstances the teacher/staff may avail leave on half pay up to one day for every twenty-two days of the period spent on duty.
Provided that such leave could be availed after he/she has completed at least 3 years of confirmed services excluding the period of probation.

Compensatory Leave:
This leave is admissible to the supporting staff’s who has worked during the holidays.
Provided that at a time it should not be sanctioned for more than two days.
Provided that the employee avails this leave during the month he/she was called on duty. Compensatory leave cannot be accumulated.
However, no staff shall be granted compensatory leave in lieu of services rendered during the period of Admission including preparation for the Entrance Examination, declaration of results, Counselling, convocation and Examinations etc.