Directorate of Administration
Director Administration ensures effective administration in the University with the coordination of all Directors, Registrar, Faculty Deans, School Deans, Heads of the Departments, faculty members and Principal (KVK). He develops and maintains excellent liasioning with district administration, police officials, various offices in govt. of Uttar Pradesh, press and media, NGOs, political parties, business establishments etc. He analyzes emergency/ disastrous situations (if any) in the University and act accordingly as per the directions given by Hon'ble Vice Chancellor and Registrar.

Director Administration examines the competencies of Contractors for all Canteens in the University and monitor service and quality of food stuff and beverages. Also, provide support to these contractors to maintain over all discipline. Director Administration monitors the general discipline of the University in coordination with Dean Student's Welfare, Chief Proctor, Chief Wardens (Men's and Women's Hostels) and concerned College Dean. He may recommend disciplinary actions against non teaching staff in consultation with concern College Dean/Head of the Department/Officer in-charge to the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor through the Registrar.

To fulfill the basic requirement of the good administrative set up in the University and to assist the Vice Chancellor in his day to day functioning Director Administration has been assigned various responsibilities with the coordination of all Directors, Registrar, Faculty Deans, College Deans, Heads of the Departments, Faculty members and Principal K.V.K. He develops and maintain excellent liaison with the district administration, police officials various offices in Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, NGOs, political parties, business establishment etc. He analyzes emergency/disaster situation (if any) in the University and act accordingly as per the directions given by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and Registrar.

Director Administration examines the competencies of Contractors of all Canteens in the university and monitor the quality of food and beverages. General discipline of the University is monitored by the Director Administration, if needed with coordination of Dean Student Welfare, Chief Proctor, Chief Warden (Men’s and Women’s Hostel) and concerned college Deans, as permitted by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor.

Director Administration can recommend disciplinary action against non-teaching staff in consultation with concerned College Dean/Head of the Department/Officer-in-charge to the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor through the Registrar.

During the period of report the following were contacted and related problems of the University were discussed and resolved:-
(a) Liaison with Local Administration
(i) Commissioner Allahabad
(ii) District Magistrate Allahabad
(iii) ADM (City), ADM (RA), ADM (Administration)
(iv) SDM Karchhana

(b) Police Authority. Police authorities were contacted to resolve various University problems. Following were contacted and positive result in favour of University was sought. Time to time local police was contacted for smooth running of University.
(i) DG Police
(ii) IG Zone Allahabad
(iii) DIG Range
(iv) SSP Allahabad
(v) SP (RA)
(vi) CO Karchhana
(vii) CO (LIU)

(c) Liaison with State Level Officials. The University related problems with state level officials were explained and favorable action was sought. In this regard the following were contacted :-
(i) Chief Secretary
(ii) Joint Secretary
(iii) Secretary
(iv) Contact with Agriculture and other concerned Ministers.
(v) Liaison with local MP and MLA. Necessary help was sought as and when required.

(d) To improve overall quality of University administration the following steps were taken in the overall development of the staff and student’s administrative problems.
(i) Staff. Personal problems related to the staff were dealt with promptly to relieve them from their mental worries.
(ii) Students. All activities related to the students including various programmes held by colleges and the University were directly monitored and proper guidance given to the students for their overall development.
(iii) Mess Activities. Time to time surprise check of the messes run by various contractors in the University for the students was carried out. In this regards meeting of the Men’s and Women’s Hostel alongwith Chief Wardens and wardens, Mess Committee and contractors were conducted and short fall noticed during the surprise check was explained for further overall improvement.
(iv) Hostel (Men’s, Women’s & IH) To improve the hygienic condition and living standard of the hostellers, various meeting were held with Chief Wardens and Wardens of the hostels. Propblems related to the hostel were promptly solved.
(v) Canteens and Cooperative Stores. The rates of the canteen and cooperative stores were checked from time to time and also the items prepared in the canteen is checked for its quality items and standard rates. Sale of junk food was prohibited in accordance with the instruction of UGC.
(vi) Security. To look after the University land spread-over 650 acres, residential accommodation, various colleges and costly equipments proper security arrangements have been made. The overall functioning of the security department is directly controlled. The following set up has been made.