Directorate of Chaplaincy, Guidance & Counseling (C.G.C)
Chaplaincy is a ‘home away from home’ for Spiritual and Pastoral support of students and staff.

• To offer a sympathetic listening ear
• To offer space to explore & augment personal journey of faith
• To offer help to someone in need-sickness- crisis

Guiding Principles
• Love God with heart-soul-strength-mind and the neighbor as yourself
• Respect the dignity of every one irrespective of religion, caste, class, gender.
• Foster an environment that promotes personal empowerment & character formation.
• Challenge that threatens life in the universe

Orientation of the Freshers on the ethos of SHUATS.
• Retreat for University Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.
• Daily morning Devotion in the Departments of the University
• Weekly Saturday Morning Worship in Yeshu Darbar
• Meeting of the Chaplains
• Sunday afternoon English Service in the University Chapel
• Fostering Evangelical Union, Student Christian Movement, North-East Prayer Fellowship and Abhyudaya fellowship and Regional linguistic fellowship groups for growth and maturity.
• Conduct courses in Chaplaincy for the School and Departmental Chaplains
• Hold special Lectures on contemporary opportunities and challenges.
• Exploring opportunity of voluntary service to society in neighborhood by the students.

Directorate functions under the Chairperson of the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of the University consisting of Pro-Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Dean GPIT, Principal Bible School, Director-Member Secretary, Associate Directors, University Chaplain-Joint Secretary, Associate Chaplains, Assistant Chaplains, School Chaplains, Departmental Chaplains and two experts to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.

University Chaplain
• University Chaplain is appointed by the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor.
• Responsible for day to day functioning of the Chaplaincy in association with the Associate and Assistant Chaplains.
• Liaison between the Faculties of the University for Pastoral and Spiritual support.
• Reports to the Director.

School and Departmental Chaplains
• Appointed by the Registrar recommended by Faculty Deans through the Director.
• Assist the University Chaplain in discharging his responsibility.

The Directorate meets to decide the policy matters, approve activities and receive the report. The meeting is convened by the Chaplain in consultation with the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor and Director.