Directorate of Staff Welfare
Directorate of Staff Welfare is for providing the pleasant working conditions, comfortable living and puts its efforts to make life worth living for the employees of the University.
Employees are the most important asset of an institution and it has to assess and record the value and cost of people of the University. Direcorate feels that the value of human assets can be increased substantially by making investment in their training and welfare activities in the same way as the value of repairs/overhauling, etc. Employee welfare includes the schemes that benefit the employees working in the University. Although it is a costly procedure for the University, yet it is needed as it helps in the overall development of the employees.

The University summarizes the important benefits of welfare measures as mentioned bellow :
  • To provide better physical and mental health to faculty members and non-teaching staff and thus promote a healthy work environment
  • Facilities like residences and education and recreation facilities, help in raising their standards of living. This makes faculty members and non-teaching staff to pay more attention towards work and thus increases their productivity.
  • Employers get stable work force by providing welfare facilities. Workers take active interest in their jobs and work with a feeling of involvement and participation.
  • The social evils prevalent among the employees are reduced to agreater extent by the welfare policies.

Boost the morale of employees
The University wishes to get 100% output, through its efforts to encourage the employees. No one else would deliver the expected results. So, in order to boost the morale of the employees, it is essential to offer employee welfare measures.

To build a competitive edge
In order to form a competitive environment in the office, University is providing opportunities to its employees. The competitive edge in the work environment can only help in getting the required work from the employees.

Mental and moral health is also improved
The employees of the university are given various facilities at work, which improves their mental health as well as helping them in becoming a good citizen. It helps in overall development of the employee. Human resource development is equivalent to the development of the University.

Social benefits
The faculty members and non-teaching staff are also geting various social benefits which are advantageous to the University. The social benefits increase the productivity as well as the work efficiency of the employees. This helps in increasing the standard of living of the employees, which is appreciated and accepted by everyone.

Invites more employees
The satisfaction of employees invites more professionals to the universities. This is one of the good ways of recruiting best employees. Therefore, with the best employees, the work will be done in proper order. Ultimately, it will benefit the University only.

Urge to do better
The benefits to the employees urges the other employees to work better. It creates a competitive edge and helps in the growth of the employees. The employees who get such benefits makes the other employees to perform better which creates a competitive environment in the university.

Helps in overall growth of the employee
The staff welfare is a motivating factor to the employees and it helps in the overall growth of the employees. Both the common institutional goal and the personal goals are easily achieved by the employees, which benefits not just the university but also the employees working in the university.

Retains more employees for more time period
The university trains employees so as to get good results. But if the employees leave the university early, it affects not just the employees but also the university. So, the university has staff welfare schemes to retain the employees for a longer time period.