Prof. (Dr.) Teruo Miura

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Makino School of Continuing And Non-Formal Education (MSCNFE)
The school facilitates improvement of quality of life for depowered, disadvantaged groups through holistic integrated rural development activities and capacity building of village communities. A number of appropriate farming systems with organic farming approaches have been introduced to students. NGO workers and local farmers, being emphasized on integration and diversity. Moreover, the school activities embrace organic farming community, food processing, alternative marketing system, health and nutrition, and rural education

Department of Agricultural and Rural Development
The department provides rural leadership training program designed to enable young men and women from rural development organization. The contents of training focus on sustainable agriculture that includes organic farming, leadership, food processing, alternative marketing, and mushroom cultivation. Meanwhile, it is concentrating on the organic cooperative in different target areas. The cooperative members are actively involved in producing organic vegetables and food processing, alternative marketing.

Dr.Teruo Miura
Professor and Head,
Rural Sociology and Agriculture

Ms. Shweta Vishwakarma
Assistant Professor,
Research Development

Department of Rural Women's Development
It is one unique department of the school emphasizing the SHG organizing oppressed weaker gender, mainly belonging to rural India. It also provides various skill training such as literacy, stitching, tailoring to raise women's position in village area.

Ms. Keiko Kawaguchi
Assistant Professor and Head,
Non-formal Education and Administration

Ms. Shweta Vishwakarma
Assistant Professor,

Department of Rural Community Development
This department provides various kinds of rural-development training to rural residents those who can be a trainer to their village neighbours, to Allahabad Organic Agriculture Cooperative and SHGs. Training range includes income generation, sustainable organic farming and rural education. This department researches into implementing of the project of the department and improves quality of each activities.

Mr. Jinshiro Hayashi
Assistant Professor and Head,
Human Resource Development

Mr. Shingo Hirano
Assistant Professor,
Computer Technology

Department of Environment and Community Health
The department actively engages in breast feeding, growth monitoring, pregnant consultation, nutrition advice and kitchen garden with rich nutrition local vegetables.

Ms. Takako Miura
Assistant Professor and Head,
Public Health, Mother Child Care, midwifery

Mr. Saurabh Srivastava
Assistant Professor,
Project Management

Available Facilities:-
Sustainable Development Training Centre, hostels for both men and women, computer room for students, laboratory for tissue cultivation for mushroom, water testing, food processing lab, soap making lab, workshop and rice mill.

Courses Offered
1.Special course for sustainable development
2.Agriculture technology training based on small scale farmers
3.Community organizing / leadership for rural resource training
4.Health and nutrition training for rural mothers and children
5.Environment education seminar for rural primary students