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Board of studies for various departments
There shall be one Board of Studies for each department of the University. All academic matters pertaining to Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Doctorate and Diploma studies shall be routed through the Board of Studies for such Programme .The Head of the Department concerned, shall be the Chairman of Board of Studies.

(i) Duties and Powers of Board of Studies:
1. All the academic matters relating to Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Doctorate and Diploma studies shall be initiated by the Board.
2. Appointment of examiners for all the examinations shall be done by the Board of Studies.
3. Any change in the list of examiners shall be made by Board of Studies except in cases where Vice Chancellor appoints examiners or approves the change of an examiner, the same shall be reported to the BOS in its next meeting.
4. For new programmes BOS shall recommend requirement of teachers, teaching aids and all other facilities.
5. Any change in the curriculum shall be approved by the BOS.

(ii) Membership:
1. All the Professors, (including professor emeritus/ emeritus Scientist) Associate Professors and Assistant Professors offering a paper in a particular programme, shall be the members of the Board of Studies. If a course is shared by two or more teachers, then the senior most teacher shall be the member.
2. There shall be two members from outside the University not below the rank of Associate Professor/Reader, invited to attend the meeting. The invitee shall be specialized in the course in which Board of Studies is convened and will not have voting rights. Such members may also be appointed by the Vice Chancellor.
3. With the prior approval of Vice-Chancellor the Chairman may invite any eminent Scientist Resource person either from the University or from outside if considered necessary in the interest of academic improvement. Such invitee will not have voting rights.
4. Attendance of members of Board of Studies is mandatory. A member may abstain from meeting only with prior permission of the Chair.