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Allahabad school of Education
Destiny of any country is being shaped in the classroom”–with this ideal, the College of Education strives forward, keeping in view its commitment to prepare such competent and effective teachers who may provide their best to the institution and to the society at large. It is to facilitate this goal that NCTE has introduced two-year B.Ed., M.Ed. and B.P. Ed. programmes. Each of the programme has been designed to make both the teachers and students reflective practitioners, through comprehensive coverage of themes and rigorous field engagement with the child, school and community. Teachers are a section of community set apart from the rest, preparing themselves for their life's work in institutions for developing human attributes. For this, they need a comprehensive philosophy, competence, commitment and professional skills at the heart of the programme of teacher education. Also, the teacher of today and tomorrow would design a teaching situation befitting to the growth of pupils' mental health, developing commitment to a set of values with certain skills and competencies. Today the need is to bring out an 'integrated' and 'cultured' generation. For which, humanistic approach to teacher education must produce teachers to exalt the continued process of human potentials, developing such qualities as spontaneity, initiative, creativity, acceptance and self-realization of students in our schools, with a scientific temper. Keeping this in view, our school was established on 4th October, 2002.

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Courses Offfered
SHUATS offers the following courses       Online Application Form

  • Bachelor of Education  (Duration: 4 Sem , No. of Seats: 200)
    Eligibilty: # Candidates with at least 50% marks either in the Bachelor’s Degree and /or in the Master’s Degree in Sciences / Social Science / Humanity, (or) Bachelor’s in Engineering or Technology with specialization in Science and Mathematics with 55% marks or any
    Download Course Structure BED Edu. Fee Rs.36000/- per sem.

  • Bachelor of Physical Education (BPED)  (Duration: 4 Sem , No. of Seats: 50)
    Eligibilty: Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with 50% marks and having at least participation in the Inter-College / Inter-Zonal / District / School competition in sports and games as reorganized by the AIU/IOA /SGFI/Govt. of India (or) Bachelor’s Degree in Physic
    Download Course Structure BPED Edu. Fee Rs.31000/- per sem.

  • Master of Education  (Duration: 4 Sem , No. of Seats: 50)
    Eligibilty: 50% marks or an equivalent grade in B.Ed. / B.A.B.Ed. / B.Sc.B.Ed./ B.El.Ed., / D.El.Ed. with an undergraduate degree (with 55% marks in each)
    Download Course Structure MED Edu. Fee Rs.38250/- per sem.

  • Diploma in Art and Craft  (Duration: 2 Sem , No. of Seats: 30)
    Eligibilty: 10+2 with minimum 50% marks
    Download Course Structure DIPACR Edu. Fee Rs.7000/- per sem.

Note:- There are 15% & 25% Seats are reserved for ICAR sponsored candidates in Undergraduate and Postgraduate academic programmes. The Candidates admitted from Pure Science stream may be required to study deficiency courses of two additional semesters or 30 Credit Hours in the Agriculture P.G