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Faculty of Theology
The Faculty of Theology is one of the six faculties of Agriculture; Engineering & Technology; Science; Management; Humanities & Social Science and Health Sciences. In the midst of the explosion of disciplines and sub-disciplines, sustaining and reinventing collegiality among disciplines in one University is the greatest challenge. The role of Faculty of Theology is to seek prophetic wisdom immersed in the realities of life today but oriented to God when the Knowledge, know-how and information are often commodified or divorced from ethical responsibilities and holistic formation. The task is to nurture collegiality of wisdom seeking conversation.

The Faculty of Theology had a humble beginning with seven students in a small classroom in 2002. The foundation of the Gospel and Plough School of Theology was laid in 2003 with ground breaking ceremony but was consolidated in 2008. Now it has grown to be a full faculty offering undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. programs. A student in Theology learns not in isolation of walls of a seminary but in the context of an environment of five other faculties with approximately eleven thousand students on the campus. The Ministry of Human Resource Development of India (Ref: D.O. No. F. 20-71/2005-U-3, December 21, 2005) has clarified that in terms of the provision under article no30 (1) of the Constitution of India, the University may conduct its courses in 'Theology' in whatever mode it wants to, as it has the right to do so. Based on the above-mentioned notification, the University Grants Commission, in its letter No. F.6-1 (II)/2006 (CPP-I), 15th July 2006 issued a clarification that the Ph.D. Degree in Theology awarded by SHUATS, is a specified and valid degree as per section 22 of the UGC Act 1956.

The ‘CHAPEL’ and ‘YESHU DARBAR’ are two focal points of the identity of the Faculty of Theology, charting a new discourse on ecclesiology. It has initiated a unique movement of witness that can be truly indigenous. Thousands of people from all walks of life come every week to hear the Word of God and have the healing touch of Jesus Christ. The vision of ‘Gospel and Plough’ with combination of innovation, educational rigor, Christian integrity and a strong sense of service continues in reality.

Equipping and producing servant leaders who know God’s word, engage in God’s world and discern God’s will for His entire ‘oikoumene’ following the legacy of the Founder:
‘Feed the Hungry and serve the Land’

Mission Statement
Train and Equip Christian leaders and scholars integrating academic excellence-mission praxis-spiritual values.

Core Values
Biblically Grounded

Thrust Areas
Servant Leadership
Contextually Rooted
Ministry Oriented
Holistic Transformation