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Research Advisory Committee
The mission of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is to increase the quantity and quality of research at the University by enhancing the research enterprise on campus. RAC suggests thrust areas and disciplines for introducing research programmes and related activities for future development in research.

RAC encourages faculty members/researchers of University to conduct meaningful, ethical, cutting-edge research in an intellectually free environment.

It suggests measures for improving existing infrastructural facilities both for academic and sponsored research and enhancing research ambiance. RAC advises the administration on matters of policies pertaining to research, both internal and external, and provides input concerning policies and procedures that govern administration of externally funded research. RAC also serves as a forum to discuss research-related issues at the University. RAC is a direct two-way communication channel that faculty and administration can use to convey issues and receive information about research-related concerns. Facilitating communication, engaging external and internal members of the research community, and addressing policies that effect research on campus are key issues for this committee.

S.No. Name Designation Membership
1. Rev. Prof. (Dr.) Rajendra B. Lal Vice Chancellor  Chairman
2. Prof. (Dr.) A.K.A. Lawrence Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) Vice Chairman
3. Prof. (Dr.) S. B. Lal Pro Vice Chancellor  (Administration)  Member
4. Prof. (Dr.) Robin L. Prasad Registrar Member
5. Dr. R. P. Singh Former- Vice Chancellor, RAU, Udaipur Member
6. Dr. (Mrs.) M. R. Suseela Former Deputy Director, National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) Member
7. Prof. (Dr.) F. M. Prasad Former Principal, St. John College, Agra Member
8. Dr. R. K. Rai Former Professor & MOHR Division of Agronomy, IARI, New Delhi IARI Member
9. Dr. Martin Luther Principal Scientist, APAU, Hyderabad Member
10. Dr. D. V. K. Samuel Former Director, Post-Harvest Technology, IARI, New Delhi Member
11. Prof. (Dr.) Suresh Kanaujia Principal Scientist, NDRI, Karnal Member
12. Mr.TahirHasan Vice Chairman Allahabad Dairy, Allahabad Member
13. Dr. Anil Hafeez Director Agro Environmental Laboratory, Udham Singh Nagar Member
14. Prof. (Dr.) ir. Jonathan A. Lal Dean, Jacob School of Biotechnology & Bioengineering Member
15. Prof. (Dr.) Pramod W. Ramteke Dean, Department of P.G. Studies Member
16. Prof. (Dr.) Mrs. Ranu Prasad Dean, Ethilind School of Home Science Member
17. Prof. (Dr.) Ramesh Chandra Dean, Warner School of Food & Dairy Technology Member
18. Prof. (Dr.) ir. Derrick Mario Denis Dean, Vaugh School of Agricultural Engineering & Technology Member
19. Er. Deepak Lal Dean, Shepherd School of Engineering & Technology Member
20. Prof. (Dr.) Wilson Kispotta Director Extension Member
21. Dr. B.B. Rai Director Development Member
22. Prof. (Dr.) Newman Fernandes Director, Distance Education Member
23. Mr. Rajender Kumar Director, Seed & Farm Member
24. Prof. (Dr.) Mrs. Rubina Lawrence Head, Department of Microbiology & Microbial Technology Member
25. Prof. (Dr.) Mrs. L. Sobita Devi Head, Department of Plant Pathology, Entomology Member
26. Prof. (Dr.) Vipin M Prasad Head, Department of Horticulture Member
27. Dr. Arvind Dayal, MD, DA Faculty Dean, of Health Sciences Member 
28. Prof. (Dr.) Ms. Mercy Devasahayam Coordinator, Center for Advanced Transgenic Studies Member
29. Dr. Biswarup Mehera Associate Professor, School Of Forestry & Environment Member
30. School Deans Concerned Schools


31. HODs Concerned Departments Members
32. Prof. (Dr.) Shailesh Marker Director Research Member Secretary