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Work Load Assessment Committee
Given the diversity among and within Schools, workload assignments may vary depending on the mission and priorities of the University and needs of the faculty members of the department. School and department workload policies shall conform to the general principles, with allowance for criteria and standards relevant to the Committee’s overall mission.The faculty workload is premised on the assumption that all faculty activities in teaching, research/creative activity, and service constitute the equivalence of forty hours per week in an academic year.

S. No. Name Designation Membership
1. Prof. (Dr.) A K A Lawrence Pro Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs Chairman
2. Prof. (Dr.) Newman Fernendez Dean, Joseph School of Business Studies Member
3. Prof. (Dr.) Thomas Abraham Department of Agronomy Member
4. Dr. Stephen Das Director, Financial Planning and Management & Joint Director, Directorate of International Education and Training Member Secretary

Sl. No. Activity Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Junior
Teaching Assistant
1. Classroom Teaching 8 12 16 20 20
2. Preparation, assessment, evaluation 6 10 12 20 20
3. Administration Evaluation, research/ extension, guidance, counseling, development activities etc.  26 18 12 0 0
4. Total 40 40 40 40 40