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Special event Committee

    Special Event Committee (SEC)

    • To add value to student’s relationship with others by organizing specialized Co-curricular

    events for students to attend, participate and expand their overall knowledge and contacts.

    • To develop a yearly calendar of Co-curricular events.
    • To involve students for organizing and participate in the annual events and networking events.
    • To continue to improve upon students attitude towards life and come up with innovative ideas.
    • To select speakers, locations, and topics for events.
    • To explore potential sponsors for events.
    • To collaborate with other Institutions to identify events that could meet students’ needs, and develop inter-personal, social and collaborative skills.


    Time Commitment: 

    This committee develops topics, confirm program details, and evaluate the progress and eventual success of programs. Annually, this committee will meet to set the calendar for the following year, and evaluate the committee’s needs. Each committee member will be expected to help organize at least one event.


    The University is having different Clubs for all round Development of Students.

    • Literary Club of SHIATS

    The Literary club is a forum where highly talented and creative minds get a chance to let their vices flow, express their thoughts and share something exciting. All through the year, the club organizes a number of events like Business, political and sports quizzes, Indian parliamentary debate, JAM, Group discussions, extempore etc.
    The founding of literary club produced a platform conducive for nurturing such talents in today’s students of technology. For all those who know that the “pen is mightier than the sword”, this is very well their arena. Talents are to be shown, not to be hidden. Some of the most successful and crowd pulling events in the institute were organized under the literary club such as the Parliamentary debates, Group discussion, Just a minute, treasure hunt, and so forth. The club represents the University in various national level events and has bagged various accolades in these competitions.
    The club helps students develop solid thinking skills, examine why they believe what they believe, and learn to locate the values, worldview & assumptions behind positions expressed by others. The club works throughout the year to benefit students in the realms of writing and speaking by conducting events that are both instructional and enjoyable.


    Year Long Calendar Events:

    • Debate
    • Group Discussion
    • Essay Writing Competition
    • Just-a-Minute
    • Extempore
    • Turncoat
    • Dumb Charades


    2-Fine Arts Club
    Fine arts club of SHIATS provides an opportunity to the students to let their imagination run wild and provides them with the sight to see things in a different way. Students learn from one another and share their prowess in different aspects of art. Some of the events that were held under the fine arts club in recent past are:

    Rangoli competition
    An inter hostel rangoli competition organised on the prosperous day of Diwali saw students competing with each other. It was fun, frolic and a test of one’s creativity. It was a test of self-expression and it left the observers bewitched.


    Blind Art

    An event that saw students being blind folded and led by their partners to create images that followed the path laid by their imagination and guided to some extent by the initial image given to them. The results were hilarious in some but beyond imagination in few.


    Magic of fingers
    Who says a painter needs brush to unleash his imagination. All that was needed in this event were some water colours on one’s fingers and that’s how we crowned the Leonardo of finger painting.


    Take a couple of pencils, a piece of papers and mix imagination as per your limits. This is how students make a beautiful sketch and those who followed took away attractive prizes return for their sketches that will serve as memoirs of their stay here.

    3-Cultural Club
    The University has initiated professional education with art and culture for students and staff. In this way, students have the chance of becoming creative individuals in arts and culture dedicated mainly to their peers. The relationship creator-consumer is being developed within the Students’ Cultural Club in specific activities.
    Understanding the role of culture in the development of the personality of the youth as supporters of sustainable development and progress in society, the University provides proper conditions to run such activities in the club. The main objectives concern organizing students’ teams who take part in shows, festivals, contests at local and national level or who organize exhibitions, symposia, conferences and other students’ actions.  Together with professionals, students organize and develop activities in the artistic fields of interest.


    The objectives of the club are:

    • Joining the educational offer of the university with a cultural activities.
    • Identifying those work methods that help students learn and promote projects leading to their personality development. 
      • Providing conditions to achieve the practical and educational content of the projects designed.
        • Taking part in various performances, shows, festivals, national tours with the artistic teams.
        • Cultivating sensitiveness and more expressiveness for personal fulfillment and quality standards of life.

          The club operates under the direct supervision of the university staff advisors, where students have the most important role to play.


        • 4-Photography  Club of SHIATS
          The vision of the club is to learn and explore all the aspects of photography, from the technical to the artistic. Throughout the year, members will be encouraged to participate in the workshops, photography contests, and submissions to the gallery and magazine. These events will be accessible to all, regardless of the equipment that is available. You don’t need a dslr to take great photographs, just a curiosity and passion for the art of photography. The club is dedicated to giving members quick access to links, and up-to-date information about the club.
          Club brings together diverse, enthusiastic photographers on campus through its active and fun culture to further develop their technical, social, leadership, and time management skills and gain respect for photography as a hobby, art, and profession.

          The clubs function independently in their defined area having the structure of President, Vice President, Secretary , Treasurer and Members  with two staff advisors. These clubs are run on the Theme decided by the Students, for the Students.
          All the Staff Advisors of Clubs will report to Special Events Committee ,and one member of SEC  will act as member of Club also along with staff advisors .   
          Every Semester we will have at least 6 events of  literary, cultural, fine arts and in the end of the year University  will organise one youth festival as Mega Event called ANAND  UTSAV.