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Radio Adan 90.4 CRS
Radio Adan (90.4 CRS) was established in 2008 by SFMC,SHUATS, Community radio station, Radio Adan 90.4 came to existence, to bridge the gap between the farmers and trainers in terms of communication CRS was reinforced. since then it’s been working for the welfare of a specific communities of Naini area & students of SHUATS.

Vision and Mission:
Radio Adan has a clear vision to ensure the community participation in all programmes of CRS. In these programmes Agriculture scientists give their interviews on various topics of production of grains, pulses, fruits, flowers, animals, and animal nutrition. The farmers listen to these programmes and update themselves to the developments in growing their production and income of products. We have established a credible rapport with the community using the medium of our programmes like Kheti Badi, folk songs and so on. Radio Adan also started the programme known as ‘Social issues, Inspirational stories, General Knowledge for the community.

1. Community Based
We are rooted in volunteerism and diversity. we exist through the support of the communities we serve
Our Radio Programmes are namely Kheti Badi(Agriculture and farmer based programme) Yangistan Pratibha (talk ) A talk show to explore the undetected talent in young Indian youth and bring forth there calibre to the world through radio.

Health Advise (A health advise show, which provide information about our communities daily life health problems, their cure, protection etc.) Nai dishayein (Provides information about career opportunities, different career option and the way to approach them )

Allahabad ki virasat (it is a programme to let people know about Allahabad, its culture, historic values, places etc. including the people associated and originated from here.)

Suro ki yaad (A refreshment memory about our great people who created history or legends in our life through their magical compositions, music & voice.)

Bindas bol (A social platform where people can express their views, about social issues and day to day happenings) We are also in way of programming to indulge and engage students of SHUATS by different means such as classroom discussion, group discussion, talk shows etc. so that students may know more about this programme and can bring up different new and innovative ideas to uplift this programme to its best possible way.

VOICE OF ADAN 2016, a singing talent hunt was organised by Radio ADAN 90.4 CRS, School of Film and mass communication on 2nd and 4th may 2016, to give a large platform to the hidden talent of the city. A large group of young talent were ready to explore their capacity to resonate there competence. This event had series of round which was to filter the fine voice and then to reach it to the grand finale, which had 8 competitor to wrestle a combat of good voice. This was organised at School of Film and Mass Communication at the early stage and Grand Finale was held at Auditorium of North Central Zone Cultural Centre, Allahabad. This Grand Finale was Judged by Eminent Singers of India. Viz. Tripti Shakya play back singer, K. Rashi Kumar, Archana Das, Ritika Awasthi and the chief guest Mr. Gaurav Krishna Bansal-Director NCZCC And the guest of honour Mr. Sahab Allahabadi famous lyricist. This was covered by various media houses and by different channels.

2. Participatory: we value and solicit the input of members and the community. we work to reduce barriers to ensure accessibility and full participation of all the communities we serve. we value the knowledge and skills that community members bring to the station. we support skill -sharing through learning, sharing and teaching in order to encourage growth within the station and throughout the broader community.

3. Co-Operative: we value open and respectful dialogue and seek to build bridges of co-operation among the diverse communities we serve . we believe in fostering a healthy, sustainable environment within the organization.

4. Social Justice: we challenge system of oppression by promoting progressive social and economic change and equal opportunities and outcome for all.

Some of the glimpses of Radio Adan: