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Department of Molecular and Cellular Engineering
The impact of biotechnology is increasingly being felt in every sphere of human activity. It has enhanced the avenues by which biological processes are viewed from a molecular window and explains the basic principles of life in terms of the structure and function of biological molecules. The reach of biotechnology now extends from agriculture, food, pharmacology, medicine, tissue culture, biomedical, nanoscience and forensic science to bioengineering and molecular engineering. Within the past decade, advances in the field of molecular and cellular engineering have been rapid and accelerated. This is largely due to the impact of sequencing of the human and other model organism genomes and its subsequent follow up. A new breed of researchers has emerged whose knowledge and expertise spans the biological, physical, mathematical, engineering and computing sciences domains.

The Department of Molecular and Cellular Engineering offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral academic programmes through a synoptic curriculum that empowers the students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in different disciplines of biotechnology. The department has facilities for training and research with well-equipped laboratories, smart class-rooms with LCD projectors and advanced research labs for molecular and nanotechnology studies. The department has a technical society, viz., “Society of Biotechnology” for overall personality development to promote the academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of students. Since the establishment of the department about sixteen years ago, our students have made a mark in biotechnology worldwide. Our former students are currently involved as research professionals in biotechnology companies both abroad and in India; pursuing doctoral or masters programmes in foreign universities viz. USA, Europe and Middle East, etc. or prestigious Indian institutions viz., IITs, IISERs, NITs, TERI, DU, JNU, etc. The faculty of the department is highly qualified, skilled and has more than adequate experience from various national and international prestigious Universities.