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Department of Industrial Microbiology
The Department of Industrial Microbiology, SHUATS strives to attain excellence as a centre of expertise in numerous aspects pertaining to the field of microbiology. The department significantly contributes to basic conceptual knowledge as well as keeps abreast of the latest advances in the various subdisciplines, developing practical applications affecting humankind. Our teaching expands from undergraduate to postgraduate and doctoral education using hands-on problem-solving approaches and cutting-edge technology. Comprising a vibrant community of faculty, students and researchers. The department offers a vibrant place to learn, teach and conduct research, providing superior training to burgeoning microbiologists, opening vistas to pursue careers that contribute globally in research, teaching, industry, entrepreneurship, scientific writing, etc. Committed to exploration and advancement in the various spheres of microbiology, the department is continually evolving to provide unparalleled research opportunities for investigations under major focal areas featuring Infectious agents of diseases, antibiotic resistance patterns, probiotics, role of bioferitlizers and biopesticides, natural antibacterial agents (medicinal and aromatic plants), molecular characterization of infectious agents, water quality, quality of food products, microbial enzymes and bioremediation. Bearing torch to the hidden secrets and opportunities in the field of microbiology, the department has to its credits seven published patents pertaining to novel antibacterial compounds.

Interactions between the strong research areas are enhanced by a variety of events and activities that promote the understanding and perception among the student community under the banner of the technical society, Society of Microbiologists, established at the Department of Microbiology and Fermentation Technology. The society achieves excellence through diversity, engaging students with widely differing talents and perspectives, providing a platform rich in opportunities, ideas, creativity and resources, and thus enabling the students to augment their knowledge base and discover their own potential. The department is therefore known for outstanding research and teaching, is dedicated to a future where it will further excel.