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Department of Food, Nutrition and Public Health
Develops knowledge and skills in micro and macro management of foods for ensuring nutritional security and safeguarding human health. The department trains students as food scientists and nutritionists in an integrated manner to fulfill multifarious roles required of an institutionalist/dietitian/ scientist in the professional arena. The department is committed to research areas of nutrition intervention to combat major nutritional deficiencies/ disorders, development and impact assessment of nutrition communication material, anti-nutritional factors in selected foods, formulation and standardization of therapeutic foods, dehydration of vegetables and their product formulation. The department of Food, Nutrition and Public Health is an area which emphasizes on building knowledge of foods and nutrition, its policies and applications and also on conducting research to improve the health of community. The students will also gain an insight into Food and nutrition related issues arising from social, behavioral and physiological factors. The program will also emphasize on different ways of designing, implementation and evaluation of nutritional programs to improve nutritional status of the community at local, state, national and global levels especially in the vulnerable populations.