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Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering
Recognizing the impact of advanced technologies on farm machinery and power engineering, the department strives to promote the use of technologies in solving complex problems. Farm mechanization in India has grown slowly and accelerated from 1967 when green revolution took off in India. Mechanization demands matching availability of adequate farm power, which has been one of the critical inputs to ensure timeliness of operations besides reducing drudgery in farm operations.

The department is fully dedicated to impart the necessary technical education to the students in the field of agricultural engineering, which basically constitutes farm implements, farm machinery and renewable energy technology. The department also focuses on the latest technologies their evolution and application in the farmer’s field, viz., automation of crop field. The department is determined to prepare young professionals to meet the challenges of farm mechanization and augmented production of agricultural commodities in the country, by disseminating required information, educating and training them for the same. The department has created the most stimulating learning environment, a relevant and challenging curriculum and an active participation of faculty members and the students.