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Department of Dairy Technology
Dairy Technology comprises all methods of handling milk from production to consumption. It includes processing, packaging, storage, transport and physical distribution. It employs the principles of engineering and is based on the sciences of biochemistry, bacteriology and nutrition. The objectives being to prevent spoilage, improve quality, increase shelf life, and make milk palatable and safe for human consumption. The department is equipped with excellent laboratories; a dairy processing plant which manufactures fluid milk, butter, ice cream, and other products. Graduate and Post Graduate students enrolled into the program will have opportunities to utilize these facilities to develop basic and/or applied research programs in dairy product processing and development, microbiology, chemistry, food safety and management, while interacting with well qualified faculty. Food processing industries are gaining momentum. The growth is so rapid that there is an urgent requirement of a technology, which makes the growth and development sustainable. In the present marketing era, the nature of finished products, storage capacity, and quality under storage are of importance. Diets, calories, packaging and nutrition standards are being given a serious thought this not only keeps the body healthy but also protects from various diseases.

  • Product Development Laboratory
  • Product Characterization and Rheology
  • Packaging Laboratory
  • Sensory Evaluation Laboratory
  • Central Instruments Laboratory
  • Food Technology Laboratory