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Department of Dairy Engineering
The aim of teaching Dairy Engineering is to make the students acquainted with the Equipments and machinery used in Dairy for the processing of milk and milk products like Pasteurizer, Sterilizers, Homogenizer, Separator, Butter churns, Evaporators, Driers, Packaging machines etc. their operation, maintenance, power consumption and their design aspects. Apart from this students are also given knowledge of refrigeration systems, boiler for generating steam, different control used to operate different machinery in dairy plant and cleaning system for cleaning the plant ,machinery and equipments used for processing. For the purpose, department is well equipped with machinery.

  • Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Heat Transfer Laboratory
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Food Engineering Laboratory
  • Thermodynamics Laboratory
  • Electrical Laboratory
  • Instrumentation and Control Laboratory
  • Dairy Engineering Workshop