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Department of Dairy Chemistry
The vast knowledge of milk chemistry has been extensively used by the food and dairy manufacturing industry to develop and perfect the modern technology required for producing the high quality food and milk products to which we are accustomed. A thorough understanding of the chemistry of milk and milk components, food and food components is essential for designing, processing equipments and treatments needed for the manufacture and distribution of high quality food and dairy products. Knowledge and application of milk chemistry is also indispensable for fractionating milk into its principal components, as in the manufacture of milk protein, lactose and rich fat products, which are used as functional and nutritional ingredients by the food industry. To ensure quality milk and milk products flow out of dairy plant premises and reach the consumer, a practical and systematic quality control programme has to be carried out in food and dairy. To check any adulteration and prevent pathogens from entering the finished product, strict legal standards have to enforce. With the development of common syllabus and a common co-ordinated teaching programme in Food and dairy education, our Dairy Chemistry Department provide firm base and additional information on physico-chemical approach needed for dairy industry in India.

Visiting Faculty:
  • Dr. Rakhi Singh, NIFTEM, Sonepat.
  • Dr. Praveen Singh, AU, Allahabad.
  • Dr. Ishani Roy Chowdhury, Lucknow.    

  • Dairy Food Analysis Laboratory