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Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
With an objective to thrive and participate in the rapid growth of Bioinformatics in India, the Department of Bioinformatics was established in the year 2005 and was renamed as Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (CBBI) in the year 2009. Since its inception, the department is involved rigorously to reach broad spectra of people through its various Knowledge and Technology transfer programs. There is no doubt that bioinformatics has come to an age within past few years to become a 'Bonafied Discipline'. The advent of the internet and WWW has developed bioinformatics enormously, making it capable to form a new society of biotechnology and biological scientists, who may call themselves 'Bioinformaticians' and the discipline itself may be coined bio-information technology (Bio-IT) at par with information technology (IT).

The department has also been instrumental in collaborating nationally and internationally, bringing new interdisciplinary research pertaining to understanding menacingly dreadful diseases, agriculture based problems and building new databases to facilitate optimal assimilation of multidimensional biological information with publication in reputed research journals. The Bioinformatics labs are well equipped with DELL PCs having i7 series octacore processor with 8 GB RAM. Department has remote access supercomputing facilities through IASRI, New Delhi and CDAC, Pune. Students from Bioinformatics stream are well absorbed in the different Scientific Labs, IT-Industries, Academics, Research and working as Scientists, Academicians, Research Coordinators, Project Developer and Research Scholars etc. in India and other countries across the globe with smart packages. Students are also pursuing higher studies from abroad e.g. University of Aberdeen and University of Birmingham. Department is having a Technical Society named as Society of Bioinformatics (SOBI). The Society of Bioinformatics is founded to provide platform for both bioinformatics veterans and beginners to learn and participate in the growth of Bioinformatics in India and abroad.

The society operates as non-profit autonomous organization, international in status and non-political in management and operation. The Society is exclusively working for and by the scientific community.