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Department of Chemistry
Amongst the basic sciences, chemistry concerns itself with composition, properties, constitution and mutual interaction of different kinds of matter. The 21st century is regarded as an active era of chemistry and is of great importance . Dr. Brooks, the founder, endeavor to inculcate among the students scientific skills in chemical sciences. His dream seemingly is coming true with newer streams coming up in the Department such as, Polymer Chemistry, Chemiinformatics, Nanochemistry and Material Science etc. Under the aegis of 'The Department of Chemistry' students passion for chemistry seems to grow from the basic etymology of chemistry to the latest trends in chemical sciences, from macromolecules to nanomolecules This being the crux and the basic principle on which the foundation of the department is based. Department's competent faculty are always pitched to abreast the students with the latest in chemical sciences to impart relevant research skills. The Department promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to offer students wide course options in biochemistry, natural products chemistry, environmental science, polymer science, synthetic chemistry and nanotechnology, which opens new horizons for the students in research and development. The Department offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral programs.