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Central Library

The University devotes considerable effort and resources to the development of an outstanding library collection to meet the expanding need of teaching and research. The library has more than 1,17,624 volumes, which include text books, reference books and research material on Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural Engineering, Home Science, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Animal Science, Dairy Technology, Environmental Sciences, Microbiology, Plant Pathology & Nematology, Management, Business Administration, Information Technology, Biotechnology etc. It also has a large number of technical journals and magazines, both Indian and Foreign. To make students more aware of today's India and the world, popular news papers in different languages are provided at the news section of the library. A separate periodical section is maintained with book numbers while the latest issues are displayed in the periodical section of the main reading room. Library is also receiving a sufficient numbers of newsletters, reports, Journals etc. from reputed agriculture/ Universities and research institutions. Book bank facilities are provided for the economically weaker section of students. Library facilities are also available to the faculty members and staff of the University.

School & Departmental library system is organized to accommodate the needs of under graduate, post graduate students and research scholars at the department level. Each department has a well-organized library of its own which facilitates the students as well as the academic staff.

1. Central Library & School Libraries

a) No. of Books
  Central Library &  School Libraries 1,17,624  
  Printed Books in Central Library 58,430
    Collection details-:
  (i) Reference Books 12,598
  (ii) Textbooks 42,155
  (iii) Gifted Books 600
  (iv) Book bank 2680
  (v) Centenary year book bank 397

b) No. of Print Journals 831

c) Details of e-journals  
  (i) Information & Knowledge Management  
  (ii) Education  
  (iii) Library Studies  
  (iv) Business Management & Strategy  
  (v) Marketing  
  (vi) Engineering  

d) Other Facilities
  (i) Theses and Dissertations Ph.D.1367   :     P.G. 8263 :      U.G. 2881
  (iii) Newspapers subscribed 06 Newspapers (both English and Hindi).
  (iv) E-books Science Direct – 1174 :  Pearson – 58 : Springer – 410 :   Ebsco – 48
  (v) Newspaper Clippings 607 Clippings.
  (vi) Digital Library 50 Computers